Born and raised in a Swedish countryside town, currently living and working out of Kyoto, Japan.

Having worked at a factory in Sweden doing monotonous work for 2 years after finishing high school I was looking for an adventure. On a whim I enrolled to a 1 year Japanese language course in Tokyo, Japan. I landed in January of 2008 and having a knack for languages quickly picked up Japanese. I fell in love with the culture and people and thoughts about living in Japan came to mind. However, to be able to live in Japan I was in need of a new education.

After studying Japanese for 3 years I enrolled to Sozosha College of Design in Osaka. There I learned the basic principles of design for the first year and studied product design the second and last year.

Immediately after graduating I found employment at Space Magic Mon , a small design studio in the heart of Kyoto. There I do residential & graphic design, art direction for exhibition booths at events such as Maison & objet, traditional Japanese product design and consulting for various companies around Kyoto.

As a freelance designer I mainly do graphic design but also have experience in product design, interior design and architectural visualization. My design style lean towards simple, geometric and minimal aesthetics.

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